How To Join Trade Coin Club

Learn How To Join Trade Coin Club And Start Earning Bitcoin Immediately

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Do you want to know how to join Trade Coin Club? First of all, it’s currently a private, invite only membership club. So you have to be invited by a current member at this time.

In the future, it will probably be like Bitcoin, where anyone can sign up for an account. But for now at least, during the official Pre-Launch stage, membership is based on referrals. This is a very good thing since huge amounts of Bitcoin is being paid to members as referral commissions.

So during the sign up process, you’ll need the affiliate code of the member who invited you. They should have given you a link that looks like this:

Using this link, their affiliate code (sponsor) is already populated in the correct field on the sign up page. (The last part of the link, “JSMITH” in my case, is the affiliate or sponsor code.) It’s a simple form to fill out. You just have to make sure that your sponsor’s code is correct and that you check your email right afterwards in order to confirm your account.

And that’s how to join Trade Coin Club. After this, your account is active and you can fill out your profile information and deposit Bitcoin and get started. But keep in mind, you cannot refer other people until after you’ve deposited your Bitcoin and bought a package of your own.

See this quick video on How To Join Trade Coin Club:

Click Here To Join Trade Coin Club!