Trade Coin Club: The 25% Cycle Tax Explained – How To Cover The 25% Trade Profit Fee At The End Of Each Cycle

The Trade Coin Club 25% Trading Tax Fee Every 87 Day Cycle Explained:

Trade Coin Club needs to collect 25% of our total trade earnings each cycle in order to make its own profit and remain sustainable for us to use. (Why they don’t just automatically deduct it from each day’s trading profits, I don’t know.)
Regardless, we have to factor it in and make sure our accounts can cover it. (Or at least be prepared to send the Bitcoin to TCC from an external wallet to cover the required fee.)

The fee amount is 25% of your total TRADE earnings at the completion of every 87 trading day cycle.

Your commissions are not susceptible to the tax, only your trade earnings. You can find the total amount of your Trade earnings on the Financial Extract page under the FINANCIAL tab on your dashboard.
Just scroll down past the recent transactions to the EARNINGS section and look at the total in your DAILY RECEIPT TRADE line.
That number divided by 4 (on your 87th day) will be the amount of tax you’ll be required to pay.
So do your calculations and either make sure you start letting your daily trade earnings accumulate in your TRADE wallet until you have enough to cover the tax, or be prepared to send Bitcoin to TCC from an external wallet to cover the tax.
(The tax will be deducted from your Trade and Commission wallets first, then any additional tax owed will have a hash automatically created for it, which you can pay with an external wallet.)
It’s important to know that you will not receive any daily trading profits or any commissions until the tax is paid. So make plans to pay the tax one way or another when your 87 day cycle completes.
(If you’re getting close to your 87 days, then start letting your daily trade earnings accumulate in your Trade Wallet and DO NOT roll them over into your exchange.)
Also, you should have a verified Coinbase account by now with the ability to add money to it with a debit or credit card or bank account.
If you have not done that yet, then you really need to do it now. There are plenty of Youtube videos you can search for to get instructions on Coinbase if you need help with it.
A lot of the details of all these TCC processes are being discovered as we go. We are the pioneers of this platform and fortunate to have discovered it so early.
So be sure to make provisions to cover the required cycle taxes every 87 trading days so you can continue earning future profits.