How To Get Bitcoin To Fund Your TCC Account

How To Fund A Trade Coin Club Account If You Don’t Own Any Bitcoin And Don’t Have A Bitcoin Wallet:

I can help. Here is my process:

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I use my external Coinbase Account to fund any TCC hash that needs paid. (Whether the person is in my downline or not.) Many TCC team builders help new TCC members upgrade and fund their account by paying the hash within the TCC system. And they use their Commission and/or Trade wallet funds to pay that hash. (And then they have the new member reimburse them somehow).

***The TCC system only allows the payment of hashes internally for people who are in your direct downline.

This system works great, (it’s how I got in), however as growth occurs, it can be a stretch for certain team builders to be able to cover all of the needed funding directly from their commissions and daily trading profits.

My main use for offering this service is to help my downline fund their new members. However, I have some good friends who are also in TCC, but a different mutual friend referred them, so they are not in my direct downline. So, I’m making my funding service available to them AND ALSO others in TCC upon my approval. (There is a fee involved because I have to pay PayPal fees, Coinbase fees and business taxes and I also spend my valuable time providing this service.)

Here is how I do it:

I pay the TCC hash with my external CoinBase account. (This usually takes a couple of hours to show up in TCC as paid.) I have my PayPal business account linked to CoinBase as a funding source.

Since I have an LLC company set up and a registered business account with PayPal, I am able to have a PayPal debit card for expenses: (it’s one of my Coinbase funding sources.) And I also have the ability to send invoices to anyone, whether they have a PayPal account or not. These invoices can be paid online with a regular debit or credit card by anyone.

This allows me to take payment right away and directly fund the TCC hash immediately. (My early versions of this service have a couple day wait.)

How To Buy Bitcoin To Pay For A TCC Hash:

**Message me on Facebook here during this process so I can walk you through every step. Don’t have a Facebook account? Then Contact Me Here first to get the process started.

Step 1:

Calculate the amount:

Determine how much BTC you want to fund your account with. (Calculate the amount of USD the BTC will equal.) If you want to fund your account with the bare minimum allowed in TCC of 0.03 BTC, then you’ll need to plan on making the payment a little more than that amount.

Contact Me through Facebook here before you start this process!

Step 2:

Send the money to me via PayPal:

(An 10% flat fee will be charged to cover my PayPal fees, my Coinbase fees and any business expenses or taxes. So factor this in on top of your amount. And the amount of BTC actually sent by me will be determined by the current price of BTC at the time I BUY the BTC) So I suggest you stay in close contact with me on Facebook here during this transaction so you can make your hash inside TCC right before I pay it.

You can send the money through this Donate button, or I can send you an invoice that can be paid online.



Step 3:

Generate a hash for the payment:

After you have sent the money to me via PayPal, you’ll need to contact me to make sure I’m available to pay the hash right away. If so, then create the hash in your TCC back office.

How To Create The Hash: Select PLANS => BUY, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the BTC amount in the ENTER VALUE field. Then click GENERATE HASH. This will create the 34 digit code that is the unique identifier for this transaction.

**Make sure to be in Contact with me on Facebook here when you create the hash.

Step 4:

Give me the hash:

Copy the entire hash and send it in a Facebook message to me.

Step 5:

I pay the hash:

I will pay the hash with my Coinbase account and it will show up as paid in TCC usually within a couple of hours.